Men's T-shirt White Crew Neck Short Sleeve Elephant print 1704t3

Product code: 1704t3

Elegant men's T-shirt from GERONIMO collection.With a soft and silky finish, combining comfort and elegance offers a “second-skin” effect that makes it extremely pleasing in contact with the body. Very stylish men's T-shirt, it will change the way you feel in your clothes.

Men's T-shirt White Crew Neck Short Sleeve

Sizes in cm:
Size Small: Rib cage circumference 88-92cm.; Hip circumference 92-96cm.; Waist circumference 70-76cm.
Size Medium: Rib cage circumference 96-100cm.; Hip circumference 100-104cm.; Waist circumference 82-88cm.
Size Large: Rib cage circumference 104-108cm.; Hip circumference 108-112cm.; Waist circumference 94-100cm.
Size XL: Rib cage circumference 112-116cm.; Hip circumference 116-120cm.; Waist circumference 106-112cm.
Size 2XL: Rib cage circumference 120-124cm.; Hip circumference 124-128cm.; Waist circumference 118-124cm.


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Brand Geronimo
Condition New
Product Code 1704t3