BOXAIR® Mens Underwear Fashion Boxer Graphite ( Dark Grey ) BREATHABLE UNDERWEAR .

BOXAIR® Mens Underwear Fashion Boxer Grey BREATHABLE UNDERWEAR

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    BOXAIR® innovative construction is inspired by the idea of sustainable products caring for men’s reproductive system and sexual health.BOXAIR® can change the way men’s underwear is made - not only good-looking and fashionable but also with health-promoting features.

    There is no healthier men’s underwear than Boxair. By choosing Boxair, you choose the right kind of underwear - comfortable, cool-looking, healthy.
    Innovative design and high-tech fabrics for 100% freedom and comfort to every men, who respect their bodies! 

    Based on three world innovations – Nano crystal fabric treatment, bamboo net panels and special cooling section, BOXAIR® boxers respond to the necessities of the contemporary man.

    Nano crystals treatment and bamboo fiber side panels in BOXAIR cooling section protect intimate area and prevent overheating and sweating. Cutting edge textile processed with Nano crystals in the cooling section of BOXAIR quickly absorbs moisture in the intimate zone and transports it to the outer layer of the underwear for fast evaporation. Patented fiber optimizes body thermodynamics and prevents overheating of testicles.

    Bamboo side panels- Fine ergonomic membrane-like panels made of bamboo charcoal fiber separates testicles from inner thighs and also prevents overheating and sweating . Natural movement airflow is boosted as well as blood circulation of the intimate area.

    The blue Nano crystal fabric section and the bamboo side membranes form the underwear’s patented cooling sectionsIts. It carefully covers the intimate parts protecting them from overheating, sweating , bacteria growth and thereby skin irritations and inflammations.

    Machine Wash according to instruction on care label.

    Colour: Grey

    Fabric:95% Cotton, 5% Elastan